Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I’m Meeeeelting

I’m definitely digging this melting vibe recently!  And if you’re into the whole Nickelodeon slime effect without actually being directed under a bucket of goo, you’re in for a treat :) not only that but these tights are a perfect way to make your legs look amazingly hot and unique. Although they’re not exactly on the upcoming 2013 trend list, yet, and I have a feeling it’s well on it’s way; taking cyber-punk to new extremes, German branded company called URB ( has created these awesome design of “melting print” tights, creating the illusion of different coloured slime running down the thigh! And for the price of $50 dollars they are indeed!

Recently in Paramore's new music video Hayley Williams pulls them off with her pastel UNIF jacket without question!

They’re specialized prodigy’s, where each one is carefully hand-made giving them an eye catching design, with a layer of latex and a thin layer of baby powder creating the perfecting melting effect. A few of my more melt effects at more affordable prices:

Your Eyes Lie @ ASOS:

There's also loads of bits and bobs of different jewellery around the shops and online. Perfect for summer and festival wear! What do you think?
Sarah xox

Kat Von D’s Best Instagram Photos of 2012

Recently I have started to begin shamefully obsessing over the whole instagram  craze. Especially Kat Von D’s instagram! If you haven’t heard much about this ‘Instagram thing’ lemme fill you in. It’s pretty much a photo sharing site for andriod mobile phones! With it you can add tags, similar to Twitter and the likes. Then you can edit your photo’s colour slightly or to the extream giving it a vintage clean look or a grime dark look.
I personally think that Kat Von D is so awesome and beautiful. Not only that but she always posts the best photos, whether she’s hanging out with Deadmau5, taking photos of herself or her cat, or unreal shoes and great fashion sense. And let’s not forget her tattoos! Since it’s coming up to the end of the year I’ve decided to share with you a few of my favoute of Kat’s pics from her personal Instagram. If you haven’t followed her yet, I’m sure you’ll be adding her to your list after seeing some of these pics :)
Sarah xoxo