Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tattoo Envy

Have you ever wanted to have loads of awesome tattoos, but don't because of so many reasons like; the main of of being too indecisive, lack of having that amount of money at once or parent/work prevention.
Well for the ladies there's a loophole I've found! A couple of years ago, I was in Tophop and stumbled across these tattoo tights. They are exactly what they sound like, skin colour tights with tattoo designs on them & looked unbelievable! Such a class idea. But unfortunately with my track record of keeping tights rip free, spending 14 euro a a time for a night out just isn't ideal. You've probably seen these kinda tights around, mostly online like Tumblr/Pintrest but they are so much more affordable than you thought! 

Luckily, eBay pulls through and I've discovered tattoo tights! I wouldn't recommend anyone spending more than 3 or 4 euro on these (including shipping) only because they is always another seller, selling the exact same pair for a cheaper price. This is the first thing I learnt on my online shopping travels. 


These are a pair I've gotten recently:

1.40 euro, really can't argue with the price(:

I've ordered off this particular eBay seller myself and everything has been fine with me, but if you're new to eBay buying beware of sellers feedback. The tights themselves are usually very pale, I've always considered myself a bit on the ghosty pale side but these are extremely pale. But if you're worried about that, just slap on a bit of tan and you're grand! The sizing is a little small and can affect the print on the tights. I'm about 5"9 and I've noticed that this as a reoccurring thing. The quality in my opinion is the exact same as any 10/15 denier tights - easily rippable. But at the same time nothing new there! The great thing about these little gems is a lot of people actually believe they're real. So tattoos, without the commitment!
I would defiantly recommend these for anyone who likes them; regardless of the cons - their uniqueness keeps me coming back from more! 

Also if you're curious to see more deigns, if you're any good at art this looks quite doable. 
Basically you get fabric markers and drawn your own deigns on skin colour tights! Ingenious! 


                                                                                     SJ xo

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